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Meet the team.
We’re a small team working on Canopy full-time, out of Toronto and San Francisco. We're completely independent and self-funded.
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…the iOS app offers a cleaner, uncluttered interface for its shopping service — a big difference from itself. In its community, you can browse through products recommended by other users, see what’s trending, shop by category or brand, or even shop by personality type – the latter something that may come in handy as you struggle with your holiday shopping needs.
To be honest I figured this would be another app that shows me items that I couldn’t afford and frankly don’t care about. The first few things, fancy pants, some expensive speakers were meh, then an inexpensive watch appeared that I could buy as a gift. Then a surfing book. Then a knife. Suddenly, I caught myself adding products to my favorites queue.
With curated shopping websites like Woot! slowing down, the developers of Canopy have decided to take the helm.
This is for people who shop at Amazon ... this app makes everything so much easier.
Canopy's design is a welcome departure from Amazon’s endless stream of recommendations, and makes shopping feel more like browsing Pinterest or Tumblr.
[Canopy] takes out some of the chaotic nature out of Amazon's own mobile experience, has a great discovery/search function, and also allows you to create collections and share finds with other users.
Canopy is a new iOS app designed as sort of a front door for Amazon, offering community-curated shopping suggestions for items offered on the online shopping venue.
Think of Canopy like a curated hipster boutique of Amazon’s massive catalog, now in your pocket.
Created by a group of former Google designers without any official affiliation to Amazon, Canopy is a curated storefront trading exclusively in beautiful products that happen to be sold on…Online shoppers with little self-control, beware.
[Canopy] makes it insanely…easy to discover unexpected stuff you’d actually want to buy, rather than simply searching for items you already know that you want.
…if you're sick of digging through Amazon's clutter to find what you want, there's a site that has chosen the best of Amazon's items and gathered them all together in one gorgeous place.
Canopy’s intent isn’t just to be an Amazon re-skin; it’s about curating the now massive ecommerce site…